Our Story That Inspires

In 2010, a group of students established the robotics-focused Team KJSCE Robocon. They want to represent India abroad with the main goal of winning the national level robotics competition known as Robocon India. With incredible national rankings like AIR 10 in 2012, AIR 5 in 2019, AIR 8 in 2020, and AIR 6 in 2022, Our team is keep experimenting and put new, creative designs in modern robotics to use in various fields and competitions.

We, A team of undergraduate students from KJ Somaiya College of Engineering, who fabricate robots and robotic systems to participate in various competitions with the primary focus being the The ABU Robocon Robotics Competition. The entire team works together to ensure safe and efficient functioning of the robot, irrespective of the discipline of each student.

  • Please check-out our team at National Robocon Competition Organized in IIT Delhi

Our Robots

The RR

The RR robot is a Semi-Autonomous 3-Wheel Holonomic Drive. The Brushed DC Motors used are suited to the required movements of the Robot.

The ER

The ER Robot is a 3-wheel Holonomic drive using Omni Wheels, constructed using Aluminium sections.




Embedded Programming

MATLAB & Image Processing

Team Members

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Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors enable us to work closely and get first hand experience with industrial sensors, actuators and robotic systems.