The R1 robot is a Semi-Autonomous 3-Wheel Holonomic Drive.The Brushed DC Motors used are suited to the required movements of the Robot. Precise angular movement is achieved by fusing sensor data from an IMU and Rotary Encoders Two pairs of rubber-coated wheels coupled to Brushed DC motorsĀ  are positioned between the aluminium frame. The distance between the wheels is such that the ball is compressed enough to be propelled with maximum velocity. Two encoders are used to regulate the angular velocity of the motors. Precise control of the pitch angle of the mechanism is facilitated by a Power Window motor coupled to a Potentiometer.

Ball Passing Mechanism

The purpose of the Hopper mechanism is to pick up the 3 balls and sequentially load them into the Lagori Breaking mechanism on R1. The frame is made of aluminium sections, that can hold up to 3 balls at a time. 3D printed guides and aluminium rods help support the balls loaded into this mechanism. To control the loading of balls, two pistons are used to block the path. Once the ball is in the lower part of the mechanism, a piston is used to push the ball into the Lagori Breaking mechanism.


The R2 Robot is a 3-wheel Holonomic drive using Omni Wheels, constructed using Aluminium sections.

Ball Picking Mechanism

The mechanism consists of two fixed and a movable aluminium square section , on which three grippers are mounted. A piston is used for horizontal actuation of the movable section in this mechanism. When the piston is actuated, the grippers on the movable section clamp the three balls simultaneously.

Gripping Mechanism

The gripper consists of Aluminium arms that are connected to the linkages which are hinged about a pivot. The linkage is in turn connected to a Piston which is used to provide holding power. Guide bearings are used for restricting the motion of the piston shaft to 1 linear DOF.