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Shivom Karnad


Vishrut Deshmukh

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Shreyas Pachpor

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Ketaki Mahajan

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Meetali Neve

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Jatin Vohra

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About Image Processing & MATLAB Team

The matlab team simulates all our mechanism like throwing , ball picking , stacking etc. on the MATLAB software. As every year this year too their was new model of the mechanism, and while making this models on software we explored new joints and connections and while simulating we were introduced with new forces too. Matlab simulaions help us to have a brief idea about the working of the bot and plan new strategies for the field.

In the year 2021, for shooting the ball on head placed on the R2 bot, the aiming part was too difficult to be done manually so we decided to trace the ball placed on the blue stand by the help of image processing using computer vision. To make this idea work and run sucessfully we began with learnt computer vision functions on python and tried to implement it. We sucessfully managed to write a code using computer vision which tracks the blue stand with white ball inside in the camera frame right in front of the bot.

We use the raspberry pi as a microprocessor for running the image processing python code where we get the exact coordinates of the ball and transfer them to aurdino using the serial port for the shooting mechanism to set it's position and aim.