The Rabbit Robot is a semi-autonomous 4-wheeled tank drive with omni wheels powered by high-speed motors.

Ring Picking Mechanism

The Ring Picking mechanism is connected to a belt and pulley system via a pair of Linear Guides. A Power window motor controls this motion. As the motor turns, the rings are raised to a height of 350 mm, with the system's height precisely regulated by an encoder. In addition to vertical movement, the mechanism incorporates a rack and pinion system, facilitating the retrieval of rings from the outer edge of the ER and rotating them 180 degrees for optimal alignment with the ring throwing mechanism.

Ring Throwing Mechanism

The Ring Throwing Mechanism consists of two pairs of pulleys positioned on the base plate. These pulleys are powered by Brushed DC motors, which drive a belt passing through them. The rings travel through the gap between the pulleys with maximum compression, facilitating their launch at maximum velocity. The mechanism's angle is precisely regulated by two spur gears attached to the mechanism and driven by a Nema-17 motor.


The Elephant Robot is a 3-wheel Holonomic drive using omni wheels.

Ring Picking Mechanism

For the picking mechanism, two grippers are attached to a pair of linear guides.The vertical motion is controlled using a pair of springs connected to a pinion,which is mounted on the aluminium sections.The mechanism remains in its lowest position, held in place by a piston. Upon release, it ascends along the linear guide propelled by the elastic force of the springs and undergoes a 180-degree rotation assisted by a geared pinion and rack. This functionality enables the robot to retrieve rings from outside its perimeter and align them with the shooting mechanism.

Throwing Mechanism

ER also uses the same throwing mechanism as RR. It uses the same concept of shooting rings by passing them through the gap between 2 belts running over a pair of pulleys, which are powered using DC Brushed Motors.