Mercury Pneumatics Pvt. Ltd. has been our pneumatics sponsor and one of our greatest supports for our entire journey throughout the years. In 2019, we sold our quadruped robot entirely built by our team members to them. After the pandemic period, the robot needed refurbishing and a few modifications.

Our team took it as a challenge and modified most of the parts of the robot to entirely change its face. A few changes include improving the code, replacing the electronic circuits, and vinyling the body of the robot for aesthetic purposes. We also changed the base plate of the robot which was worn off over time. The software team also designed an application by which the robot could be controlled with mobile phones. The end results were very appreciable and the company was very impressed by the work done by our team.

The robot built and refurbished by Team KJSCE Robocon was put up for a lot of exhibitions all over India.